Regulatory Information

If your business generates or handles used oil, there are certain management standards that were developed by the EPA to ensure the safe handling of used oil, to maximize recycling, and to minimize disposal.

Although different used oil handlers have specific requirements, the standards apply to all used oil handlers, regardless of the amount of the oil they handle.

The requirements related to cleaning up leaks and spills include:
  • Have sorbent materials available on site.
  • Contain spilled oil. For example, containment can be accomplished by erecting sorbent berms or by spreading a sorbent over the oil and surrounding area.
  • Clean up the oil and recycle the used oil as you would have before it was spilled. All used cleanup materials that contain free-flowing used oil also must be handled according to the used oil management standards.

In addition, the EPA requires transporters hauling used oil must have a valid EPA ID number, and generators must use transporters with EPA ID numbers for shipping used oil off site. Revolutions Environmental is an EPA registered transporter.

If you are a used oil handler, you should become familiar with these cleanup regulations, and how Revolutions Environmental can get you started on a cost effective and compliant oil and oil absorbent recycling program.