The Revolutions Advantage


Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for more cost effective ways to produce their products. Keeping their expenses down is a major priority for manufacturers when considering a new service, and Revolutions delivers.


Manufacturers are under the watchful eye of the EPA and other government departments. Revolutions ensures they stay in compliance with government regulations with minimal paperwork. Revolutions' absorbents are not considered a hazardous waste, nor are they manifested as a regulated, non-hazardous waste, since they are recycled.

Waste Minimization:

The EPA has mandated waste minimization be part of all manufacturers compliance policies. All materials are 100% recycled with Revolutions, and more importantly, no hazardous byproducts are generated in the recycling process. Revolutions is the 0% pollution solution!

Public Relations:

As cities and towns become more and more populated, manufacturers want to educate the general public on their pollution abatement programs and compliance. Revolutions provides manufacturers with a waste minimization report showing that oil, and oil absorbent material generated by them are 100% recycled instead of entering the waste stream. This report can be submitted to government agencies during regular inquiries or audits.